dōTERRA’s Rewards Program

Benefits Summary For ALL

If you are only after the dōTERRA’ Essential Oils, and do not want to become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate you will still receive many of the team benefits, such as the Wholesale Price (25% off), FREE Product Points, Training Opportunities, as well as our support to including these within your daily wellness routines. Please select WHOLESALE CUSTOMER below when enrolling. Of course you can always up-grade later in time if you wish. 

This are many of the benefits you will receive when signing up through KP∞Unity:

  • The KP∞Unity signature Starter Pack, containing a Step-by-Step guide so that you can successfully develop your health empowerment journey, including recommended resources and readings.
  • Free access to KP∞Unity´s signature personal and professional development program to support your success journey.
  • Free Human Design Chart with introductory analysis and which depending on level of engagement will be followed-up by a full analysis report and one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Regular Q and A group sessions to discuss approaches to Low-Tox Living, Feng Shui, Holistic Wellbeing and more.
  • Free World Class training opportunities provided by leading experts. The unique Bliss app, (The online digital learning hub, only available to those within the TARA BLISS TEAM).
  • The ability to   earn an uncapped income and bonuses by sharing with others.
  • You receive wholesale pricing (at 25% Discount).
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points (on top of the 25% discount).
  • Eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month.
  • There’s no monthly order required!

When You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You. Steve Jobs

Things that make our team so special!

In joining our team at KPUnity you will instantly receive our Starter Resources Pack which will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to proceed so that you can instantly launch and develop well. 

Because KPUnity is placed within Team Bliss, a major global player, you will also be able to engage with some incredible mentors, such as Tara Bliss or Melissa and Nick Ambrosini.

During Melissa and Nick´s regular LIVE group mentoring calls, you can ask all your burning questions and receive personalised advice from two incredible people who have built one of the fastest-growing dōTERRA teams (Diamond in 4 months, Blue Diamond in 11 months), and which we are proud to be a part of. As Melissa and Nick own and operate multiple successful 7 figure business you too will be able to learn and benefit from their knowledge and experiences.

Get Started

Step by Step Guide Below


1. Choose Your Kit

dōTERRA has many lovely kits to choose from. I recommend starting out with the Home Essentials Kit, plus a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil as I think this is a brilliant foundation for introducing essential oils into your life.

The Natures Solutions is also a brilliant option if you are ready to do a complete overhaul detox of your home using completely natural alternatives.

Choosing a kit is the most cost-effective way to get started and waves the $35 joining fee.

hands oil

2, Create Your Account

Click the Button above or HERE to become a member. 

This link will take you directly to KP-Unity´s official dōTERRA page. 

oil welcome post

3. Start Living Towards Your Goals


Once your account is set up, you can expect a detailed welcome email + a welcome pack from me with all the handy info you need to know to get started.

Membership also includes 25% off RRP for all oils, kits, home, wellness, beauty products, access to our online community and Wellness Weekly educational calls.

(If you already have an account, need some support at any point, or would like to inquire about something, please email us by using our Contact Form and we will respond ASAP)

Which kit suits you best?

HoorayAfter ordering your oils, you will receive them to your door direct from dōTERRA.

I will also send you a welcome email with all the info needed to get started.

Don´t forget this will include KP∞Unity´s signature personal and professional development program to support you in your own time along the way.

Don´t forget, I will be there with the team, which you become apart of, to support you on your journey to building a life of freedom and bliss. I am excited to connecting with you.

Shopping Basket
HEADS UP WELLNESS ENTREPRENEURS Become a Co-Facilitator within our Wellness 120 program!
  • YOU are a holistic wellness entrepreneur, or on your journey to establishing yourself! 
  • YOU are passionate to promoting genuine holistic well-being and want to grow or expand! 
  • YOU have ideas, skills and knowledge that you want to showcase and apply!
  • YOU want to embrace your unique personality and ideas successfully! 
  • YOU appreciate sound results, scientifically endorsed and evidence based concepts!
  • YOU want to lead, and be supported by a team that nurtures health, wealth and harmony! 

If any or all of the above resonate with you, then please connect with us in person.   


Receive Your Personal Invitation, scheduled Wellness Dates, Health Hacks, Low-Tox Living and more..!