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Essential oils are nature’s wonder-workers. They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in plants. Essential oils have become highly popular within the Health Empowerment movement as many of these can be used as a healthier Low-Tox alternative.  

Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are some of the purest essential oils available. dōTERRA´s essential oil range can be used with confidence, and applied in many different settings, such as freshening the air at home or in the office, in self-care and holistic healing practices, creating your own beauty and wellness products, baking and much more…

The possibilities and their creative use are amazingly abundant and versatile. Check-in with your trusted dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and Aroma Therapists, and explore how you can integrate nature´s natural wonder-workers in your daily routines. 

Having the Knowledge of How, When and Where to use those Essential Oils, and confidence that they are best, is very empowering. 


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dōTERRA essential oils are plant based, high grade & nature’s wonder-workers. They are amazingly versatile, making the switch to living healthier and low-tox easy! 

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