dōTERRA Wellness Advocates & Enterpeneurs

dōTERRA is a world leader in direct sales and Multi-Level Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is also frequently referred to network marketing, referral marketing or direct selling. In contrast to a traditional business model, you receive the opportunity to partner-up with dōTERRA where distributors associated with the company can also earn an income by promoting and redistributing their health and wellness products. dōTERRA has specialised in high quality essential oils that undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures.  

Not all MLM Companies are equal in terms of product availability, product quality, transparency, training programs, partner and customer service support, philanthropy, and financial rewards and compensations plans. Below we have summarized some important points that we endorse at KP∞Unity and what we value about dōTERRA.

1.) dōTERRA Products are the most tested, most trusted, bringing hope and wellness to millions of people. This means you can share life-changing products with confidence —and create a residual income at the same time.

2.) dōTERRA has a proven track-record of growth and stability, which means you have the backing of a billion dollar company to support your business. You know you can count on long-term opportunity and success. This becomes becomes evident when exploring the exponential growth of company.

3.) dōTERRA was built on the principle of caring, with global Co-Impact Sourcing® and dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® initiatives. With every bottle of oil, you are lifting disadvantaged people and communities. By being a member of the dōTERRA family, you are contributing to positive change in the world.

More than simply promoting oils!

The dōTERRA Business Model is more than just about selling high quality essential oils to some customers. The oils and the business model are designed to become your vehicle to boost people´s awareness on holistic health opportunities, and will  empower you to make healthy life choices, support your family, friends and social networks, as well as having the ability to generate a rewarding income.  

dōTERRA offers a wide range of free training opportunities for all its partners which focuses on increasing your knowledge on available wellbeing products and to become successful in marketing and sales strategies. Via the numerous online and local learning platforms you will receive plenty of opportunities to regularly connect, network and discuss ideas and innovation with experts and like-minded people. dōTERRA also offers a substantial range of online resources which you can access at any given time. 

The holistic health and wellness benefits are simply amazing!
If you have your own health Clinic or Praxis, a Studio for Yoga, Pilates, Physio, Massage or Reiki and other forms of healing, your patients will truly benefit.

Rewards Pathways

The dōTERRA business opportunity is robust and growing. While the vast majority of Wellness Advocates are focused on the use of essentials oils for the benefit of their family, friends or clients. On the other hand, some are motivated and determined to develop a profitable business. They actively work to grow and achieve leadership ranks within dōTERRA, and there is a significant opportunity to supplement your income in doing this.

Of course any results will depend on the time and effort you put into building your own dōTERRA business. To be successful you will need to have motivation, determination and identify your genuine purpose.   

Compensation Pathways with dōTERRA

Being a wellness advocate, you will save 25% off the recommended retail price on dōTERRA products. You can then sell these items which allow you to make 25% profit on any product. This can be a great way to get started and is a good option when your customer does not want to fully commit to a membership yet. This is a simple and easy way to earn some extra income when you have a small retail business, health and wellness clinic, beauty salon or Yoga-Pilates studio.

Fast Start is a bonus earned by a Wellness Advocate, regardless of rank, through enrolling people in dōTERRA. This Bonus is paid weekly on the Personal Volume (PV) from the orders a new Wellness Advocate places. For the first 60 days you receive 20% of their orders.  You also earn money from your Level 2 (10%) and Level 3 (5%) personal enrolments. In order to participate in Fast Start, a Wellness Advocate must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order.

The Power of 3 Bonus builds on two main elements: Team Structure and the Loyalty Rewards Program. This helps new builders focus on their structure from the beginning, which sets them up for rank advancements in the future. Retention is an important part of dōTERRA’s compensation plan: It is this, what helps you build a significant residual income which is the focus of the Loyalty Rewards program (LRP). 

–    First Level: When you and 3 people in your front line are all ordering 100pv or more per month, you earn a $50 bonus.

–    Second Level: When you and 3 people on your front line have 3 of their own. When they are earning the $50 bonus, you are earning a $250 bonus.

–    Third Level: When your second Level have 3 qualified people on their front lines, when each of them earn a $50 bonus, you earn a $1500 bonus.

Unilevel Commission is sponsor-based and depends upon three things:

  • 1.) Overall Volume 2.) Rank and 3.) LRP order in place.

When you first start out with dōTERRA, this is a very small percentage of your paycheck. Most of your check will probably come from Fast Start bonuses and Power of 3 bonuses.

Unilevel Commission does not start out as the bulk of your payment, but as you build and grow your business over time, it can definitely become the most significant part of your dōTERRA income.

Bonus pool payments start once you achieve Silver status and become part of the Leadership Performance Pool. Rank bonuses are paid out as leadership and performance pool shares, and are determined based on set percentages from global commission sales volume (CV). Seven Percent of global volume is divided among leadership ranks and paid monthly.

  • Premier & Silver 1%
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum 2%
  • Diamond, Blue & Presidential 1%


  • Diamond Pool 1%
  • Blue Diamond Pool 1%
  • Presidential Diamond Pool 1%

The amount of time it takes to grow your business differs for everyone. Your progress will depend on your determination, mindset, skills, creativity and networks. Below are average timeframes for reaching certain leadership and ranks. Some dedicated people have achieved high ranks a lot sooner thought.

  • Elite  3 Months
  • Premier  6 Months
  • Silver  18 Months
  • Gold  27 Months
  • Platinum  37 Months
  • Diamond  42 Months
  • Blue Diamond  58 Months
  • Presidential Diamond  71 Months

Yearly Average Income Earnings with dōTERRA

Earnings displayed in US$ and are based on dōTERRA US Headquarters (2018)

KP∞Unity will support your journey

At KPUnity we provide a unique and specialised support-service to our team for free. Our primary focus is to analyse and explore your unique and personal Human Design System chart with you. In our Human Design System section will find useful external resources to calculate charts, as well as brief summary information on the five personality types Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector.

Integrating the Human Design System allows you to precisely determine your unique talents, strengths and strategies to managing and mastering life successful. Areas of particular interest might be your unique communication style, the most suitable and prosperous environment within which you thrive, or how you enter into personal and professional relationships correctly which can guide you towards greater success. 

As a valuable members within our team you will receive invitations and opportunities to actively participate in our small-group mindfulness masterclasses which are supported by experts in the field of Human Design System, Multi-Integrative Kinesiology Activity (MIKA), Body Work, Trauma Healing, Mindset Coaching and HypnoFocusing®. Attending such events will positively accelerate your personal health journey and integrate positive self-belief systems and confidence, as we work towards aligning your goals with your values, knowledge, strengths and life-experiences. 

Team Benefits!

dōTERRA Wholesale Customer will enjoy the majority of benefits available to dōTERRA Wellness Advocates

  • The KP∞Unity signature Starter Pack, containing a Step-by-Step guide so that you can successfully develop your health empowerment journey, including recommended resources and readings.

  • Free access to KP∞Unity´s signature personal and professional development program to support your success journey.

  • Free Human Design Chart with introductory analysis and which depending on level of engagement will be followed-up by a full analysis report and one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Regular Q and A group sessions to discuss approaches to Low-Tox Living, Feng Shui, Holistic Wellbeing and more.

    Free World Class training opportunities provided by leading experts.

  • The unique Bliss app, (The online digital learning hub, only available to those within the TARA BLISS TEAM).

  • The ability to earn an uncapped income and bonuses by sharing with others.

  • You receive wholesale pricing (at 25% Discount).

  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points (on top of the 25% discount).

  • Eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month.

  • There’s no monthly order required!

Disclaimer: Specific personal one-on-one coaching and training sessions, and the ability to earn an uncapped income and bonuses is exclusive to dōTERRA Advocates and above only. 

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