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Living Holistic & Low-Tox

Little did I know that when I started professional house sitting many years ago, that this would lead me into the world of low-tox living. Living holistic and low-tox requires awareness and a call to action, as our consumer habits and product choices, as well as our imminent living environment, office space and outdoor environment influence our wellbeing. Over the years I have taken care of hundreds of houses and domestic animals. My experiences inspired me to complete a Certificate IV in Feng Shui and Building Biology from leading experts at the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

Each home is unique, each pet a little different and yet many homes have common underlining conditions. Most homes feature a range of unsafe chemicals which are common in everyday household items and products. The occupants, as well as their pets, ingest or inhale these minuscule toxic particles on a daily basis. Combining this with a challenging and dissonant Feng Shui, and an overload of electromagnetic frequencies, will with time negatively impact on our productivity, sleep, vitality, health and wellbeing.

As a Wellness Entrepreneur and Health Advocate I offer a range of holistic services to assist you in designing a lifestyle, home and/or office environment that nurtures your health, wealth and harmony. Together we will explore required amendments, and I will guide you to implementing simple yet effective strategies which are tailored to your personal unique lifestyle and needs.

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Ruth Cieri
Ruth Cieri
Highly recommend having a wellness audit of your home. I received a comprehensive report with actions to follow up on.... Kerstin educated me on the little changes I could make to improve my family's mood and health. She brought my attention to little things I hadn't noticed which I am very grateful more
Carina Burridge
Carina Burridge
Thank you, Kirsten, for undertaking and providing us with such a comprehensive Feng Shui report for our home. The many... hours you spent with us looking at every aspect of our home in conjunction with our current life circumstances has been rewarding. We have only started to make a few changes to our home and have felt the immediate shifts in energy and harmony. We fell in love with our home again, thanks to more
Effie Bobo
Effie Bobo
I received a personalised Feng Shui analysis of my home by Kerstin from KP-Unity a few months ago. I found Kerstin to... be very professional and I could tell that she has a great passion for improving other people’s well-being. Kerstin initially spent a considerable amount of time at my house, measuring and taking notes and asking lots of questions. After that Kerstin returned to my house with a very comprehensive report which she explained in depth and also explained how changes could be implemented in my living space to achieve improved personal well-being. Some of the tips were as easy as changing colours or moving a piece of furniture around. One thing I improved and implemented immediately was making my entry to the house more inviting by tidying up, adding a plant and some colour. The personalised report is very comprehensive and covers every room and the outdoor / garden area. Some of the issues identified are not as easily rectified as they may be structural but it still provides awareness. I would highly recommend a Feng Shui consultation with Kerstin. She was just lovely, very professional, passionate and knowledgeable and really cares. She explained everything in a way which was easily understandable for someone new to Feng Shui. She also made great and achievable suggestions for implementing changes to address issues identified during the analysis. Thank you Kerstin!read more

Residential & Home Office Feng Shui Consultations

This personalised Feng Shui analysis will support you in creating a more harmonious and healthy home. Together we will explore and identify any areas that cause disharmony, or provide obstacles and challenge, as well as determine and outline all already existing positive areas. Introducing and applying appropriate remedies will ensure your home, living and/or office space will create a flourishing and healthy environment for yourself, your family and your business. Enhancing those areas that are already beneficial and supporting to you, your family and/or business will elevate your prosperity, wealth and harmony of the family and/or business as a whole. 

My preferred approach is to use the Flying Star Feng Shui system, which is the most comprehensive and complex form within Feng Shui. However, the Form & Kompass School systems might become additionally integrated, or used solely when deemed necessary. I am committed to providing you with an accurate analysis of the Qi (Energy-Flow) currently present on your property and within your building, and will offer enhancing solutions appropriate to your needs.  

Through subtle fine-tuning of your living and/or office space, which might be through the use of colour, strategically placed furniture or selected works of art, we will harness and re-invigorate the flow of Qi. The art in Feng Shui is to move matter with intention which is why I prefer to minimise the use of Chinese adornments where possible and desired, and instead utilize and embrace your personal and unique style.

The following is included in the consult

  1. Initial home visit by me (1.5 – 2.5hrs), where we discuss and identify your goals.
  2. A personalised and detailed analysis of your property.
  3. A personalised and detailed analysis of the relationship between the property and you, through the Plum Blossom Numerology. 
  4. Recommendations and remedies for Feng Shui improvement. Identifying your most prosperous entry point, best areas to study and your career, health and wealth sectors. Identifying your optimum colours to use and furniture placement especially beds, lounges, and desks.
  5. Evaluate health hazards and a recommendation of low-tox alternatives.
  6. A comprehensive written report (approx: 30-40 pages). A hard copy of this report is available at an additional cost.
  7. A personal follow-up meeting to discuss findings, appropriateness of suggested remedies, and modes of implementation.   

Points to Note

  1. For an on-site analysis, your property must be located in Darwin, Palmerston or the Greater Darwin area. For a remote analysis please outline this specifically within the Quote Request Form below.
  2. The charge for this service may vary according to your requirements and size of the property.
  3. Please provide floor plans of the home when available and after accepting your quote (must be to scale).
  4. Approximate age of the building (i.e. when it was built).
  5. Having a history of previous owners is desirable.


Prices starting at $449.00 inclusive of GST.

All quotes are personalized.

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Simplify & De-Cluttering

Restore a spacious and calming environment

The word “Clutter” refers to a disorder, confusion or collection of non-essential and unnecessary oddments that we have accumulated over the course of our life. Symbolically, having notable clutter within a home or office space might resemble an aspect of our life where we feel confused, in disorder or clogged with unnecessary challenges. For example: Family members or pets are frequently in poor health, household items break notably often, personal finances or a career are constantly in jeopardy, a business or project that struggles to attract the right partners or successfully get off the ground. Your home or office space is a current reflection of how the energy flows with and around you, and hence clutter influences and affects our daily life in sometimes subtle challenging ways.   

Strategically simplifying and de-cluttinger your home and office space is an important and necessary first step to achieving overall health, wealth and harmony through our life. Together we will tailor solutions for you that address your unique personal circumstances. We will discuss your vision, and the plan you have for your life, and implement appropriate solutions that are stylish, functional, and most importantly easy to maintain. I will guide and assist you throughout the entire process of simplifying and de-cluttering your personal living or working space. The time required to support and complete your journey in simplifying and de-cluttering can vary significantly, and depends on the number of rooms, size of the rooms and the volume of items or belongings in each room.


Basic Home package – $249.00 inclusive of GST ( 2 hours in length)

Standard Home package – $399.00 inclusive of GST (4 hours in length) 

Full Home package – $499.00 inclusive of GST (6 hours in length)

Personalized quotes available on request.

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Living Low-Tox with Pets

Striving towards giving our pets the longest & healthiest lives possible

I firmly believe that the key to longevity is prevention of illness and maintenance of good health. Pets are more vulnerable than people to exposure to toxins in and around the home. Since pets are smaller, they are closer to carpets and floors, garage floors, lawns and restricted spaces which may harbour chemical and pesticide residue.

Their natural curiosity, coupled with a lack of awareness about toxic hazards, make them more likely to encounter substances harmful to their health. Most pet animals also have faster metabolisms, smaller lungs and a faster breathing cycle than we have, which is why they are particularly vulnerable to harmful substances. They generally process toxins and chemicals at a faster rate to us humans, and their bodies work hard when having to eliminate these. For example, chlorine and ammonia are found in most common household cleaning products such as floor and surface area cleaners. They are a toxic respiratory irritant that can damage pets’ skin, eyes or the mucous membranes.

When booking your personal Living Low-Tox with Pets appointment, you will learn how to identify commonly present toxins for pets within everyday cleaning and household products, as well how to store them appropriately. If your pet has any current health concerns we will of course look at these, and where possible find healthy alternative ways to support your pet.

I will provide you with broad range of healthy DIY recipes which will ensure you have a pet friendly, low-tox and healthy home environment. Together we will create three simple DIY pet care products tailored to your personal interests and needs, and which you can select prior to your appointment. These products are yours to keep and you will be able to replicate these any time you need.


Personal appointments starting at $395.00 inclusive of GST & Product (approx. 2-3 hours in length) 

Group session are welcome and can be arranged on request.

Personalized quotes available on request.

Book your personal appointment via the form below.

How to book your appointment with me.

Thank you for showing interest and trust in my service. I generally operate face to face within the Greater Darwin region of the Northern Territory, Australia. External travel and online appointments are available options. To book your personal appointment I ask you kindly to fill in the Service Request Form below and select all the services that you would like to receive. Alternatively you can also send me a private message on Instagram  or via the Kess Pet & House Sitting Facebook Group.

Once I have received your request, I will be in touch with you shortly after. This will allow us to discuss your personal circumstances, needs, preferences and time-frame from which I will finalize your personally tailored quote. Quotes are free and valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise. 

Please outline all your questions if you have any, or anything else that you feel I should be aware of prior being in contact with you. No Payments are required at this stage!

Payment Processing

The following payment options are currently available: Credit Cards, Direct Debit and In-Person. KP-Unity uses to process all invoicing and Credit Card Payments. Please note that a 2% surcharge will apply for Credit Card payments. STRIPE is a PCI compliant Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. On receiving your personally tailored quote, you will automatically receive an invoice from STRIPE where you can process the payment within 30 days of receiving this. No extra processing fees are charged to your card, unless stated otherwise.

All major Credit Cards as well as Direct Debit Payments are accepted methods of payment. Your personal data and the information provided is treated  confidential, and will not be sold or passed on. For more information please read our Terms & Conditions. If have further questions, would like to change your quote, or experience any issues, please contact me immediately.

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