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Kerstin Pontner

Hi, and lovely to see you back. 

I founded KP∞Unity on the basis of wanting to support women and like-minded people to live a healthier, wealthy and harmonic life.

Have you ever considered travelling the highway of sustainable abundance – filled with awareness, excitement, discovery and joy? Most of us will agree that to some extent we all value a self-determined lifestyle that nurtures and supports personal needs, features low-toxicity, approves of environmentally sustainable solutions, utilises and affirms conscious knowledge and embrace an active energetic lifestyle which all contributes to enhancing the quality of our life to the best of our abilities.

Having juggled multiple income portfolios, as well as a professional house and pet-sitting business I have learnt how important a healthy and harmonic home is to nourish wellbeing and support personal and professional development and growth. Having multiple streams of income, means that you receive income from several different sources, which secure your financial stability.

KP∞Unity currently endorses two premium direct sales companies, namely dōTERRA and ZinZino. Both brands have a strong focus on promoting genuine health and wellbeing, and allow people to choose healthy alternatives for themselves and share these with their family and friends.

dōTERRA and ZinZino are world leaders in affiliate marking who offer generous loyalty reward programs for those interested in supplementing their income or becoming sophisticated Wellness Entrepreneurs. Receiving a generous loyalty reward program enables you to generate a long-lasting residual income, and for some this can mean having more independence and financial freedom.

When you chose to sign-up with dōTERRA and/or ZinZino through us you will receive ongoing mentorship and support. We are fully committed to supporting your ongoing personal and professional journey to achieving health, wealth and harmony. Our team at KP∞Unity will offer you individual coaching opportunities for free, determine and explore your unique Human Design strategy, and connect you to a like-minded community that share their knowledge and expertise around holistic health concepts and wellbeing.

KP∞Unity and its underpinning concepts values primary holistic approaches to achieving individual and family health, wealth and harmony. Our key signature is to support your journey in developing an awareness of what is important to you, and how you can design a lifestyle that creates an abundance of healing and wealth. It is important to note that by wealth we are referring here to an increase in awareness, presence, confidence, joy, knowledge, relationships, opportunities, financial ease and freedom, and overall prosperity.

As always, we will continue to regularly share hints and tips with you on topics such as low-tox lifestyles, Feng Shui, home and pet health, healthy workplace, electromagnet frequencies, Human Design and personal development in our Blog Posts, and of course our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Self-Determination and Awareness are Key

A self-determined lifestyle requires you of course to regularly evaluate your needs and to make regular conscious and informed choices. Achieving a healthy and harmonic lifestyle that attracts an abundance of wealth is something most people dream of, and many people achieve, when doubt and hesitation is pushed aside, and uncertainty becomes an adventure and opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Follow this link if you like to learn more about my personal journey.

If you are wanting to add an incredible income stream to your business, change your current life-circumstances that monetizes financial rewards, or perhaps you are just looking for an opportunity to start working from home, then we can support you to design your own diverse income portfolio.

If you are perhaps interested in our more personalised consultations please do contact us at your earliest convenience. This will allow for an in-depth exploration of personal challenges, constraints to achieving Health, Wealth and Harmony; and together we will identify unique strengths, opportunities and solutions. [More info on this soon].

Please feel free to follow and engage with us on Facebook and Instagram at any given time. We will share an abundance of ideas and opportunities with you.

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