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To me, health and wellness means many different things though they are all interconnected. Until my early 20´s I was not always the strong enthusiastic and healthy woman I am today. It took me a few years, some corners and turns, and a shift in awareness to actually get there. But I honestly ask you; when is this journey to perfecting health and wellbeing actually accomplished?

In 2010 I made the decision to leave my family home for good, embarking on an adventure into the unknown with my partner Gordon. We travelled through South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand for a while, thereby always seeking for a place to call home. We lived and managed on a tight budget, winging it with jobs here and there. Although travelling loose was a good adventure, nothing was ever really satisfying.

In 2012 we decided to settle back in Darwin, northern Australia. Gordon signed up to study Indigenous Health Promotion for the next few years so that we would have a fair chance of becoming permanent residents. I continued to support him with the few jobs I was able to do under the existing strict Australian immigration policies which did not allow me to work much at all.

Those ongoing limitations and inabilities to actually fulfil myself really became frustrating, but on the flip-side we had a social-support network that kept us afloat. We continued to live on a tight budget for another four years as international student fees were outrageously high. Lucky Gordon received a scholarship in his final year and he aced it with a First Class Honours Award. 

Once we moved on to the working visa and later permanent resident visa things started to change in our favour as I was now allowed to work without any restrictions. I quickly ensured that I had reliable multiple income-streams again.

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Even as a teenager I already understood the value of having multiple income streams. I always had at least two jobs. My personal experience from when I was younger taught me that if I was to lose one source of income, I would always have another option to fall back on to.

Although my multiple income streams have changed over the years, at one point I had seven simultaneously; the reasoning for them remained the same. I guess you too never know what life has in store, and by diversifying your income streams I feel that you can deal with a lot more challenges, build resilience and maintain financial independence.

Taking my financial future and income potential into my own hands is something that is very important and empowering. It is also a smart way to build sustainable wealth overtime when done strategically. I further believe that for us as women this is something really important, and that we should strive for, so that we become less financially dependent on others. In doing this we can take good care of ourselves, our kids and family.

The health and wellness aspect, and the financial rewards program that dōTERRA has to offer resonated well with me from the start. My personal experience is that the company is highly transparent in their business model, provides excellent professional training and development, and supports the unique individual journey of any person who is enthusiastic, engaging and committed. A person joining is automatically connected to an individual team, which in my case is the My Wellness Community by Melissa Ambrosini, and the larger dōTERRA community who are there to support each and one of us towards personal and professional growth.

If this resonates with you, or you know someone it may well resonate with, here is my invitation to you. If you like to know more, or require some personal support, please get in contact with me in person via the email form, or through Facebook and Instagram.

Honestly this is something I never intended to do. We just slipped into it as an opportunity emerged out of a necessity. In 2016, we were asked to vacate our then current accommodation as our house-mate required the additional space for her family. We knew this was going to happen at some point so it did not come as a nasty surprise. Nonetheless, we were able to house-sit for a few friends which was our initial bridge but then got stuck with no place to go as rental costs were extremely high back then, and people would charge a fortune for a tiny room that would hardly fit two people, yet our belongings. When Gordon was required to work more frequently remote I chose to take action and turn the “occasional” house-sitting into a viable and sustainable business model.

Over the years, I have now professionally taken care of more than 100 different properties within Australia and New Zealand. By doing this I receive a beautiful insight into many people’s homes and personal lives. Having seen so many different households, I started to realize that we all live a very different lifestyle, and we all have different sets of values.

I have noticed differences in how organised people are, or how much clutter people hold, and whether home owners value a clean and tidy home. As I live at people´s homes for the duration whilst they are away I also have insights into their fridges, am able to observe what hygiene and cleaning products are being used, and whether or not people chose to live a careless, lavish, indisposed, active, healthy, mindful or holistic lifestyle. Honestly, over the years I have witnessed some big differences in how people chose to live their lives. I have seen the extremes from people being totally messy and chaotic, to people who are stringently organised and meticulously tidy. If you like to learn more please visit and join my House and Pet Sitting Facebook group where I regularly share amazing and easy to do hints and hacks on how you and your pets can maintain or achieve health, happiness and in harmony. 

If you would like to register your interest or book your house-sitting appointment with me (Darwin – Australia), please reach out to me via the registration page or on Facebook. 

For the last decade I have become increasingly aware towards the number of toxins that we are constantly surrounded by. For a long time I have been now been paying extra attention and increasing my awareness on what I eat, drink, consume, as well as all those other products I use within my daily life. This does not mean I do not allow some of the lesser favourable products to be part of my life. For me personally it is knowing about them so that I can make informed choices on a daily basis that will in one way or another affect my well-being.

We women should take note in particular, as we use dozens of products every day, especially though for our daily hygiene and beauty regimes which can contain thousands of chemical compounds. The mix of such chemicals can however act as disrupters to our endocrine system with sometimes unrecognised health consequences which only show up later in life.

I recall vividly how I learned about a particular chemical within one of the products I was using on my body, and also widely in my home. What I learnt stuck deep with me and with that knowledge I was unable to continue using it with a good conscience. So I started getting rid of those products which I knew would cause harm to myself and my family, and replaced these with lesser toxic or none toxic alternatives. This was a very important experience to me and since that day I chose to increase my awareness around the impact our daily consumption of toxins has, as well as share this with all of you as I feel you have a right to know. Of course, I cannot and will not tell you what is right or wrong, but I am willing to support your journey to becoming more open, aware and in-tune with your personal body needs.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and philosophy on how to maintain a harmonic balance within your direct environment. It is said that when we live in harmony we replenish and nurture our health and well-being.

Over the years of house-sitting I have noticed intuitively that some properties enhance my harmony, productivity, sleeping and eating behaviours, as well as overall well-being and health. I also noticed that with every new house-sitting appointment my energy levels, personal bio-rhythms, behaviours and sleep-patterns have had a tendency to change.

I am becoming increasingly aware of the direct relationship I have between myself and the building, property or space that I enter. Having perceived myself in how I feel, think and act differently within individual homes has ignited a strong passion to research the principles of Feng Shui. I wanted to explore and find out why some homes have poor Feng Shui whilst others have a Feng Shui that enhances my everyday productivity, sleep, well-being, health and harmony.

This realisation and journey has made a world of difference to me as I can now prepare and align myself to my personal needs within those properties. Additionally, I am now able to support people to plan and create their own health and harmony home that replenishes their well-being and nurtures productivity.  

Creating KPUnity

It is this deeper knowledge, listening and intuition that is guiding me to design a life that enhances health, wealth and harmony. I am now able to fuse my passion of holistic health and wellness, greater awareness of personal needs and the spaces I engage within, and multiple income streams into one unique concept.

To me knowledge and awareness can only grow and not be unlearnt, and something we all can share in. Supporting people to living life in abundance, financial freedom and making conscious informed choices daily is something that resonates well with me; Which I am most passionate about to teach and share with like-minded people like you.


Please let me again extend my invitation to you.

I look forward to connecting in person with you!

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