Income Diversity

Designing Multiple Income Streams That Work FOR YOU.

Having reliable multiple income streams is becoming increasingly popular amongst many people. People who already apply this concept are more likely to get ahead financially, and also find it easier to navigate challenging times or when the economy is not doing too well in some sectors. This enables them to design a unique and independent lifestyle that is sustainable and suits them.

The ultimate goal of income diversity is to secure and achieve income from as many sources as possible, which can be active and/or passive, to ensure financial stability even when one income source dries up. There are many different things each individual can do to develop and expand their income-stream portfolio. Some people might be investing in stocks and shares, Crypto-currencies, precious metals, art, property, startup companies, and may choose to make additional contributions to their superannuation. Others explore perhaps entrepreneurial options, and/or engage through multi-level and affiliate marketing opportunities. Besides, a great proportion of those already applying a diversified approach have several simultaneous, some of which accommodate and strengthen each other. 

Most people however rely dangerously on only one source of income, which is their wages. Income from wages only accrues during the employee’s working career. When entering into a state of retirement, those people then become financially dependent on state pensions, or payouts from superannuation contributions. Given our global economic climate, frequent price increases and inflation, many dependent retirees have increasingly cast concerns about their long-term financial security. 

KP-Unity Multi Level Income Streams

Over the past 5 years, KP∞Unity consolidated it´s own portfolio, thus focusing on Health, Wealth and Harmony. It does not matter if you are currently unemployed, or on a casual, part-time or full-time contract, as anyone can achieve greater financial independence. Determining how well you will do within this given opportunity, will depend on your life circumstances, the need/desire to change something, and most importantly your level of commitment.  

KP∞Unity values and promotes approaches that are beneficial to your personal health and wellbeing, as well as those that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. After carefully considering various multi-level marketing companies over the past few years we have agreed to partner with two premium global direct sales companies, dōTERRA and ZINZINO.

dōTERRA is a direct sales company that focuses on ethically co-sourced essential oils, and is one of the largest wellness companies, with over 5 million Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers, world-wide. ZINZINO is currently one of the fastest growing direct sales companies specialized in premium organic Omega 3 supplementation. ZINZINO is one of the few companies that have merged sophisticated science, ethical and sustainable product sourcing, and health and wellbeing. 

People choosing to join our team have frequently asked us about what we personally value about dōTERRA and ZINZINO.

When making our decision we allowed us significant time, a couple of months at least, to review the products dōTERRA and ZINZINO have to offer. For us the cost of an individual product was secondary to the importance of getting a product that was high in quality and sustainably sourced.

dōTERRA takes pride in sourcing the most pure, potent, and effective essential oils which are obtained in environmentally and socially responsible ways. They apply the GC/MS analysis process to every dōTERRA Essential Oil, which will determine if any chemical residue is present within the product, such as pesticides, herbicides, extenders, and other solvents. This rigorous analysis process ensures that all CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils offered by dōTERRA are a step above organic.

ZINZINO focuses significantly on the sustainable sourcing of wild caught Fish, as well as actively researches and includes algae as an optional vegan product. Their product sourcing is regularly audited by Friends of the SeaSedexDebio, Informed Sports Cambridge UK and Intertek. Audits are done in accordance to the BRC Global Standards Framework which manages product safety, integrity, legality, quality, and the operational controls in the food, food ingredient, manufacturing, processing and packaging industries. In addition ZinZino employs a scientific advisory board to continuously improve the quality of their products and enhance health benefits. Additionally ZINZINO provides a home balance test kit, which provides unique insight into our personal body’s Omega 6:3 balance. This is something we find very empowering as we can make informed decisions based on the results which are provided via the independent laboratory VITAS.

The second most important aspect was of course value for money.

dōTERRA offers 25% off RRP for all oils, kits, home, wellness, beauty products and more. ZINZINO is one of the very few brands that offer their products for free when you as a customer or partner refer four (4) or more customers with the same (or larger) order. This is a benefit for partners and wholesale customers alike, and enables anyone regardless of income-status to enjoy these premium health products by sharing.

Both brands also offer an industry leading reward program supported by world class training (both online and offline). If you are new to multi-level marketing this is something you really want to consider. You can explore this further by browsing through the two links below!

Having access to excellent support, resources and mentorship will not only strengthen your professional development, but will also connect you with many new and like-minded people. You can freely participate in regular scheduled educational online calls, learn how to get the most out of your products from world-leading experts, and take part at wellbeing retreats and events when the opportunities are given.

The global community of health and wellness advocates is growing by the day, many who have lived experience and are personally invested in advocating for holistic wellbeing, and who are also willing to support you personal journey to living in health, wealth and harmony.

Naturally, the Multilevel Marketing approach does not resonate with every person. Sometimes personal circumstances or timing aren’t just right yet. We suggest that if you are unsure and would like to experiment with the products first, then why not sign up as a “dōTERRA Wholesale Customer” to receive the products 25% off RRP for  and have a play. Smell them, try DIY recipes, cook and bake with them, use them in your wellness routine, and in your home apothecary.

If nutrition and cellular health is more important to you right now, and are evaluating if ZINZINO supports your circumstances, then you can enroll as a ZINZINO customer. When sharing with four (4) other people you can receive your product for free. Making use of the home-test kit to determine your Omega 6:3 balance is something we personally find very empowering when making informed nutritional health choices. Of course you can always upgrade later to become part of the business model.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with us via the Contact Form, or you can message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Whether you are seeking a more natural and healthier way to live, a heart-centred community, like-minded people to connect with, or simply create an additional income stream, you will find all the support you need in our community.

Emerging Opportunities 

We are currently reviewing and negotiating with other global and local wellness companies which we aim to include within our program in the near future, given they can satisfy our stringent selection criteria of:

  1. Their products being genuinely beneficial to personal health and wellbeing.
  2. Their products being genuinely beneficial to the environment and sourced sustainable.
  3. Their business model and the professional training offered being supportive of the individual person,  their unique needs and expectations.
  4. Their overall transparency.
  5. Their overall support structures.
  6. Their financial reward program.
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