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The traditional knowledge and art of practicing Feng Shui evolved approximately 6000 years ago in Neolithic China. In our modern day and age the philosophy of Feng Shui aims to guide people to create and optimise personal spaces in a way that maintain and enhance personal wellbeing, prosperity and fortune.

Feng Shui applies the art of balancing energy and requires a consideration of Yin and Yang along with the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Wood). In order to create “Good” Feng Shui, it is important that all elements become aligned with our unique innate personality so that a sustainable harmonious flow of Chi (Life-Force Energy) is created.

Once this Chi has been established within your home, and/or your office, you will likely experience an amplified harmonic and uplifting presence. This shift in positive energy will enhance your overall health and productivity, as well as create balance among your family and/or your workplace.

Common Misconceptions of Feng Shui

Some people may well believe that creating Good Feng Shui is not that hard after all, which is true when you are genuinely aligned with your “innate SELF”, and are sensitive to the subtleness of Chi (Life-Force Energy).

However, most people are concerned with their ever evolving and accelerating business of life itself, with little room to immerse and feel the present moment. It is often the case that the subtle cues of emerging or ongoing dis-harmony and friction are overlooked, as miscommunication, misinterpretation and adverse life events take hold. We mostly find it easy to provide instant justification and reasoning rather than slowing down and giving extra attention to any underpinning causes of why such unpleasant situations and events are happening.

Feng Shui has an abundant pool of knowledge, wisdom, intuition, tools and strategies which all serve to re-balance the energy within your life.

A good environment equals good energy, abundance and health. If your mind and body function well then YOU will be successful, happy and at peace (Master Gary Khor). 

Master Gary Khor
Founder and Director of the Feng Shui
Academy of China

KP∞Unity Applies Three Distinct Schools Of Thought

Form School - Compass School - Flying Star School

The Form School is often referred to as being one of the oldest and most traditional art forms of Feng Shui. It is predominantly concerned with the topographical appearances within an environment, such as mountains, valleys and any bodies of water, and how they interrelate and influence the flow of Qi. In ancient times this approach was used by emperors to find the most ideal locations to build major cities.

The Compass School is also considered a traditional form of Feng Shui. However, a significant difference is that this school additionally implies using the Lo Pan compass. This approach is more complex as it further requires including birth information, and determining a person’s most positive desirable directions with regard to how a dwelling should be designed. Of concern would be the direction from where you enter your house, where you sleep and work within your home, and also where and how to receive guests and visitors.

The origins of the Compass School are set to have developed from the I Ching (The Book of Changes). For centuries the I Ching system has profoundly influenced Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astrology and Numerology. It is believed that the ancient I Ching system holds the secret and keys to the Universe, as well as the law and influences that govern nature, and which for centuries now continues to influence Asian cultures until this present day. In recent years the effects and principles outlining the I Ching system have been increasingly studied, and many aspects and relationships have now been confirmed by quantum mechanics.

The Flying Star School is considered to be the most advanced form of Feng Shui as it is based on the Luo Shu grid and mathematical principles. This approach investigates the effects and interactions of different energies at play during different periods of time within a building. Its name is derived from the fact that within this grid nine numbers or “stars” move or ”fly” around at any given time.

Using the Lo Shu grid allows for an in-depth analysis of your home and/or office environment, as relevant numbers or “stars” systematically move positions according to the different compass directions and time periods. At its most simple level, Flying Stars Feng Shui is the way to harmonize the Feng Shui within your defined space. It can locate personal prosperity energies, strengthen human luck, boost health, wealth and relationships, counter-act negative energies within a specific environment, and neutralize or mitigate conceptualizations of misfortune.

Getting Professional Support & Service

KPUnity Concepts

Sometimes getting yourself some professional support can work magic. Booking a personal and professional Feng Shui analysis will support you in creating a more harmonious and healthy home. Together we will explore and identify any areas that cause disharmony, or provide obstacles and challenge, as well as determine and outline all already existing positive areas.

The following is included in the consult

  1. Initial home visit by me (1.5 – 2.5hrs), where we discuss and identify your goals.
  2. A personalised and detailed analysis of your property.
  3. A personalised and detailed analysis of the relationship between the property and you, through the Plum Blossom Numerology. 
  4. Recommendations and remedies for Feng Shui improvement. Identifying your most prosperous entry point, best areas to study and your career, health and wealth sectors. Identifying your optimum colours to use and furniture placement especially beds, lounges, and desks.
  5. Evaluate health hazards and a recommendation of low-tox alternatives. 
  6. A comprehensive written report (approx: 30-50 pages). 
  7. A personal follow-up meeting to discuss findings, appropriateness of suggested remedies, and modes of implementation. 

Points to Note

  • For an on-site analysis, your property must be located in Darwin, Palmerston or the Greater Darwin area (NT, Australia). For a remote analysis please outline this specifically within the Quote Request Form.
  • The charge for this service may vary according to your requirements and size of the property.
  • Please provide floor plans of the home when available and after accepting your quote (must be to scale).
  • Approximate age of the building (i.e. when it was built).
  • Having a history of previous owners is desirable.


Prices starting at $595.00 inclusive of GST.

All quotes are personalized. 

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Ruth Cieri
Ruth Cieri
Highly recommend having a wellness audit of your home. I received a comprehensive report with actions to follow up on.... Kerstin educated me on the little changes I could make to improve my family's mood and health. She brought my attention to little things I hadn't noticed which I am very grateful for.read more
Carina Burridge
Carina Burridge
Thank you, Kirsten, for undertaking and providing us with such a comprehensive Feng Shui report for our home. The many... hours you spent with us looking at every aspect of our home in conjunction with our current life circumstances has been rewarding. We have only started to make a few changes to our home and have felt the immediate shifts in energy and harmony. We fell in love with our home again, thanks to you.read more
Effie Bobo
Effie Bobo
I received a personalised Feng Shui analysis of my home by Kerstin from KP-Unity a few months ago. I found Kerstin to... be very professional and I could tell that she has a great passion for improving other people’s well-being. Kerstin initially spent a considerable amount of time at my house, measuring and taking notes and asking lots of questions. After that Kerstin returned to my house with a very comprehensive report which she explained in depth and also explained how changes could be implemented in my living space to achieve improved personal well-being. Some of the tips were as easy as changing colours or moving a piece of furniture around. One thing I improved and implemented immediately was making my entry to the house more inviting by tidying up, adding a plant and some colour. The personalised report is very comprehensive and covers every room and the outdoor / garden area. Some of the issues identified are not as easily rectified as they may be structural but it still provides awareness. I would highly recommend a Feng Shui consultation with Kerstin. She was just lovely, very professional, passionate and knowledgeable and really cares. She explained everything in a way which was easily understandable for someone new to Feng Shui. She also made great and achievable suggestions for implementing changes to address issues identified during the analysis. Thank you Kerstin!read more

Some Easy To Do Strategies

One of the primary principle to living a healthier, wealthier and harmonic lifestyle is however to Simplify, De-Clutter and letting go of what has no purpose and does not spark joy. Another principle focuses on attracting prosperity and good fortune right from the start; by designing your main entrance in a way that is inviting, vibrant and reflective of who you as a person, family and/or business would like to be recognised.

If you are curious about how you could unlock and harness the true potential of your Self, and create a healthier, wealthier and harmonic life, we invite you to follow KPUnity on Facebook and Instagram where we share some Easy to Do tips and tricks for free.  

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