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Most of our modern Western diets comprise of high levels in saturated fatty acids and Trans Fatty Acids, especially when consuming processed foods as well as deep-fried fast foods. Additionally many of our diets are also rich in Omega 6 which has in recent years been marketed as having significant health benefits. However, this is only partially true, as our modern diets are mostly poor in essential Omega 3 fatty acids, which are vital to maintain health and well-being.

It is becoming increasingly recognised that Omega 6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory while Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, which is why having a correct healthy balance really matters.

Would you make genuine simple changes to your life-style and nutritional intake on identifying that your personal vital fatty acids (Omega-3 and 6) were out of balance? An imbalance between Omega-3 and 6 is one of the leading causes to developing chronic and degenerative diseases. READ MORE 

Omega3 Supplements
You truly benefit - because  a correct healthy balance really matters!

The Science & Difference of ZinZino BalanceOil

KP∞Unity is proud to be an Independent Partner of ZINZINO

After 14 months of thoroughly researching brands and their Omega 3 supplements, products, ingredients and home testing kits, we have concluded that the products and business model offered by ZinZino meet our high expectations. Essentially important to us is that the brand or products that we choose to use our-selves, as well as promote to our family, friends and clients, genuinely promote and enhance health and well-being, are ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Audit - Science - Ethics

ZinZino´s products are regularly audited by Friends of the Sea, Sedex, Debio, Informed Sports Cambridge UK and Intertek. Audits are done in accordance to the BRC Global Standards Framework which manages product safety, integrity, legality, quality, and the operational controls in the food, food ingredient, manufacturing, processing and packaging industries. In addition ZinZino employs a scientific advisory board which is led by Dr. Paul Clayton. Dr. Clyton and his team are committed to improving the formula and quality of their products, as well as continue research into the benefits of active ingredients within plants such as algae.

Explore how ZinZino can support YOU to living in Health, Wealth and Harmony!

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Active Health Promotion

Health Benefits

Re-balancing and nurturing your body will provide wellness, longevity and  notable health benefits.

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Omega-3 & 6 Balance

Prime Organic

A premium organic approach that supports re-balancing your body fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio.

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Rewarding Wellness

Empowering People

Promote Health - Wealth´n Wellness! Becoming a Wellness Advocate and Entrepreneur has never been that easy!

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We always recommend that people do their own research into brands and products, and evaluate whether or not they consider these ethical, sustainable and suit the individual’s expectations, needs and life circumstance. If you would like to learn more about ZinZino products and/or the business opportunity, please do reach out to us anytime either in person, via Facebook or our Contact Form.

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