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One of the greatest rewards is to successfully design a healthy product or recipe. It does not really matter what kind of product you choose. Most important though is that you successfully made this recipe or product yourself.  Many low-tox cleaning or beauty products, or healthy food recipes can be made in your own kitchen or bathroom.  

Doing It Yourself gives you certainty, and you know exactly what all the ingredients are within your product. You can be certain that your product does not include any nasty chemicals, allergens or artificial fragrances, flavourings and preservatives.  

This allows you to make those informed healthy choices. You decide what goes in and how much, and you can make this exactly how you like it to be. In doing it your self you also nurture your creativity, and there are no limits to design a healthy product or recipe. Our recipes at KPUnity will always promote low-tox environmentally friendly ingredients and options and use high quality products where necessary.  

Below you will find a wide range of DIY Products & Recipes which you can download for free. You can explore, pick and choose those that you like most, or simply get the entire booklet.

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