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Curiosity is exciting, for it creates a pathway to offering new life opportunities!

Kerstin P., Founder of KP-Unity

When Gordon and I started to brainstorm and think about an all-inclusive holistic wellness program, little did we recognise or know the strength and genuine high potential our concept WELLNESS 120 would have. Despite having a comprehensive awareness and understanding on how health and well-being can be positively supported, nurtured and enhanced, we simply do not have an in-depth knowledge in all aspects of holistic health. In order to diversify and offer a an all-inclusive wellness program of excellence, one that truly benefits the people, we therefore are reaching out to you. 

Our aim is to collaborate with passionate people that have a range of expertise and/or ideas around promoting genuine health and well-being.

Whether you have been invited by us in person, a friend of yours forwarded this link to you, or you accessed it via the WELLNESS 120 page, your curiosity has brought you this far which is really exciting. It shows that you are perhaps keen to get involved in something that you can truly believe in.

A Holistic Concept!

A holistic concept

The aim of the WELLNESS 120 is to provide participants with a unique, diverse, in-expensive and multi-faceted program that is easy to implement into daily routines, and maintains a strong focus on genuine holistic well-being and sustainable health.  

If you are already established within the health and wellness industry, or are an emerging wellness entrepreneur who is enthusiastic and passionate about supporting people from all walks of life to achieving and living their full health potential, then joining our WELLNESS 120 program as a Co-Facilitator might be exciting for you.

Your professional background or interest could be Health Promotion & Health Education, Naturopathy, Nutrition & Dietitian, Physio & Massage Therapy, Yoga, Fitness & Personal Trainer, Feng Shui, Reiki & Energy Healing, Human Design System, Life-style Coaches & Mindfulness Practitioners, Building Biologist, Low-Tox Living, Counselling, and many more.  

Relationship, Inter-connectivity & Integration.

Having genuine and positive relationships are of essence when co-facilitating and participating in the WELLNESS 120 program. Relationships that build on mutual trust provide a safe-space, and when having a safe-space and positive support network, participants are more likely to confidently consider and implement the necessary changes that enhance their health and well-being.  

The Wellness 120 program has a very flexible structure, and you will get to play an important part in designing and discussing program content (including your very own) as well as strategic outline and delivery. Other holistic health enthusiasts will equally provide and contribute their own content which expands and diversifies the pool of knowledge for all participating.

The very exciting part of Wellness 120 is that all facilitators get to share their personal experiences and professional expertise in a forum that connects with other Co-Facilitators and program facilitators. Knowledge exchange and two-way learning becomes a support synergy for all program participants and enhances each individuals journey to greater wellness.

Becoming a Co-Facilitator

If you are keen, and would like to learn more on how you can become a Co-Facilitator, please connect with us in person. We are currently in the early phase of planning our next round of WELLNESS 120, and therefore ask you to not defer this for too long, as Co-Facilitator spaces are limited.

Please share any other personal questions you have. If you are interested in becoming a Co-Facilitator and/or the business opportunity, please share with us your skills or experience that you would like to incorporate, as well about your motivation and capacity in joining our Team at KP-Unity. We can also do this in a personal discussion if you prefer via Zoom, Facebook or Phone.

An idea births a concept!

The idea of WELLNESS 120 was born in 2021, when Gordon was asked by a close Indigenous friend to support their personal health journey. Knowing this person´s personal challenges, needs and life-circumstances, we explored together how we could effectively provide a cost-effective approach that genuinely supports achieving the desired health goals.

The primary desire and objective for the person was to develop body-fitness, lose weight, improve nutrition and prevent potential chronic diseases. We developed a simple 1-one-1 program which included physical exercises, healthy nutrition and premium Omega 3 supplements, whilst also using the scientific approved ZinZino Balance-Test to monitor health progress and changes at a cellular level. 


Most people have little or no awareness on how hidden and chronic inflammation can develop, and how hidden inflammation contributes to illness. Disappointingly, Public Healthcare Systems, as well as many health professionals, continue to have little regard for identifying and addressing the underlying causes that would prevent the onset of inflammation at an early stage. When unaddressed, these causes will likely progress a person towards developing various forms of degenerative and chronic diseases, thus impacting their life quality.  

In fact, chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of disease and pre-mature death globally. Inflammation is triggered by a variety of compounding circumstances, of which many are life-style related and preventable. For most holistic health practitioners this is not new knowledge as many aim to address a variety of those compounding factors and support their clients to achieve greater wellness. You can read more in our Blog-Post here.

Empowerment factor – Measuring personal progress!

Within the WELLNESS 120 program we will be using the ZinZino´s Balance Test as our primary scientific assessment tool. This tool enables us to identify any potential risk of hidden inflammation, determine pre-existing protection values, and more importantly measure personal health progress. This test is inexpensive and one of the most comprehensive on the current market. It measures 11 vital Fatty Acids that are crucial to our physical and emotional well-being. Key indicators are the overall health of body-cells and the balance ratio of Omega-3 & Omega-6, which when out of balance provide the basis for underlying hidden inflammations. You can read a little more HERE.


WELLNESS 120 aims to increase awareness, as well as reduce the risk of inflammation, and provide participants with easy to implement strategies, re-balancing and self-monitoring tools, and DIY health & lifestyle hacks that nurture and enhance personal health and wellness.

A vision or goal without a strategic approach remains a wish. 

Creative Potential – A Portal!

You can, if you are keen, use this platform to promote, diversify and grow your personal health and wellness business and/or share your ideas and concepts on what comprises holistic well-being. If you choose to, you can also become fully involved in the Business side of things which will provide you with a comprehensive reward package. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail, and explore how you can truly benefit.

As we do not want to disappoint you, set you up for failure, or see you give up in the midst of the program, we would like to build that personal relationship with you first. By getting to know us you can then determine if our Wellness 120 concept genuinely resonates with you.

Meet the founders of KP-Unity and Wellness 120

Kerstin Pontner Wellness Entrepreneur - Feng Shui & Low-Tox Living Consultant - Founder of KP-Unity, ZinZino Independent Partner
Kerstin is a passionate holistic wellness entrepreneur. She founded KP-Unity in 2020 with a mission to empower women to live in health, wealth and harmony. She has a great passion for financial freedom and abundance. Her in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui and Low-Tox Living inspires women to thrive by moving matter with intention, and by prioritising natural solutions.
Gordon R. Boot Wellness Entrepreneur, BHSc, BSc (Hon), Founder of Metamorphic Mind, ZinZino Independent Partner
Gordon has specialized on the broader aspects of Health Empowerment and Health Literacy. Having more than 20 years of professional experience within the field of holistic health, Gordon shares his enthusiasm and passion to unlocking one´s personal unique potential by exploring and synthesising holistic health concepts that are all-inclusive.

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