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Your Journey towards Health Empowerment has already started! This could be your next foundational step towards perfecting living in health, wealth and harmony. 

Joining The Wellness Team

Being personally invested, invited and choosing to becoming a part of something meaningful can be exhilarating and exciting. We can sometimes also feel uneasy and out of depth when choosing to leave behind our familiar comfort zones and routines. KP∞Unity and the team build on mutual relationships, and we are genuinely commitment to provide as many resources possible and guidance, so that you feel inclusive, nurtured and well supported on your JOURNEY TO HEALTH EMPOWERMENT.

There are different ways in how you can become a part of our wellness team, and something that we fully endorse at KP∞Unity is having all the necessary information and freedom to choose. If you are simply seeking some practical guidance or education, then we encourage you to join our online community and actively engage in our conversations on Facebook and Instagram, as well as subscribe to our Newsletter.

If you want to connect and join our growing group of likeminded people who are enthusiastic about living in wellness and a designing low-tox lifestyle for yourself and family, then we encourage you to enrol as a dōTERRA Wholesale Customer or ZinZino Customer.

However, if you feel that you really want to make a positive lasting impact within your community and social networks, and the business side of health, wellness and empowerment really resonate with you; Then we strongly recommend signing up as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate or ZinZino Independent Partner.

dōTERRA Wellness Advocates

ZINZINO Independent Partners

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Team KP∞Unity Benefits

KPUnity GrowthWhilst both dōTERRA and ZinZino are direct sales companies of high quality and premium products, they provided slightly different benefits to both their customers and independent business partners. If you are simply interested in using these products for yourself and family as a customer, you will still receive personalised ongoing support and resources from us on how to maximise the beneficial health outcomes. You can always choose to upgrade at a later point in time and we will support you with our expertise.

By becoming an active partner, both dōTERRA and ZinZino will provide you with additional team benefits that are tailored to your program, so that you become knowledgeable, confident and empowered to supporting your social networks and promoting health and wellness effectively. Regardless of which avenue you choose, KP∞Unity will provide you with the following resources, support and expertise which will be tailored to your personal circumstances, needs, level of commitment and engagement:  

  • The KP∞Unity Signature Starter Pack, containing a Step-by-Step guide so that you can successfully develop your health empowerment journey, including recommended resources and readings.
  • Access to KP∞Unity´s Signature Personal & Professional Development Program to support your success journey. This includes a personality strengths analysis which identifies and integrates your unique potentials/talents/skills; Holistic wellbeing and mindfulness practices; when available, opportunities to participate in our small-group mindfulness masterclasses which are supported by experts in the field of Multi-Integrative Kinesiology Activity (MIKA), Body Work, Trauma HealingMind-set Coachingand HypnoFocusing®. 
  • Free Human Design Chart with introductory analysis and which depending on level of engagement will be followed-up by a full analysis report and one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Regular Q and A Group Sessions to discuss approaches to Low-Tox Living, Feng Shui, Holistic Wellbeing and more.

Besides providing

  • Free World Class training opportunities provided by leading experts, 
  • The ability to earn a residual uncapped income and bonuses by sharing with others,
  • Cutting edge app Technology to grow your business, 

dōTERRA and ZinZino have their own additional support structures, resources, incentives and promotions which you can explore further in detail below. 


dōTERRA´s Rewards

Affluent Magic

dōTERRA essential oils are plant based, high grade and nature’s wonder-workers. They are amazingly versatile, making the switch to living healthier and low-tox easy! 

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Promote Health - Wealth´n Wellness! Choose your own level of engagement. Becoming a Wellness Advocate and Entrepreneur has never been that easy!


ZinZino´s Pro-balance

Organic Omega-3 Balance+ More!

A premium organic approach that supports re-balancing your beautiful and hardworking body´s cells from Tip 2 Toe. Be Pro-Active, Own your balance!  

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Find out more of what is involved!

Positive Results And Rewards Stem From A Positive Mind-Set, Self-Belief And Commitment, And WE Are Here To Support YOU! 

Choose your level of engagement

  • Choose your level of how you want to engage, supplement your current income, replace your current income completely or add an income stream to your current business. 
  • Organic wellbeing products and knowledge that you will absolutely LOVE having and would be buying with or without the business opportunity in order to change your life and enhance your wellness.
  • A passion for wellness and health empowerment; By supporting others work suddenly becomes PLAY.
  • A minimum investment of a few hours a week, or more if you are determined and have goals you want to achieve faster.

KP∞Unity adds value by genuinely supporting you.

  • A solution driven and positive life attitude where you are absolutely willing to jump into uncertainties and give things a real go; where you are willing to make informed choices, try new things, want to work towards becoming the best person you can possibly become and beyond.
  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone, stop making excuses, take full personal responsibility for your life and choices and take massive action with long-term rewards.

Small steps to wining big rewards

  • You are able and willing to invest in a basic Starter-Kit (In some cases this can be tailored to your personal needs and circumstances).
  • Like most things in life, you will only get out of this program what you are prepared to put into it. Our team at KPUnity will be there to support you all the way, from the simple things to the more challenging aspects, but naturally we cannot guarantee you the same results.

That said, we want you to feel secure and amazing about investing in yourself. As soon as you sign up we will be in direct contact with you, and we will begin with working towards identifying your personal strengths, uncertainties and needs.

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HEADS UP WELLNESS ENTREPRENEURS Become a Co-Facilitator within our Wellness 120 program!
  • YOU are a holistic wellness entrepreneur, or on your journey to establishing yourself! 
  • YOU are passionate to promoting genuine holistic well-being and want to grow or expand! 
  • YOU have ideas, skills and knowledge that you want to showcase and apply!
  • YOU want to embrace your unique personality and ideas successfully! 
  • YOU appreciate sound results, scientifically endorsed and evidence based concepts!
  • YOU want to lead, and be supported by a team that nurtures health, wealth and harmony! 

If any or all of the above resonate with you, then please connect with us in person.   


Receive Your Personal Invitation, scheduled Wellness Dates, Health Hacks, Low-Tox Living and more..!