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Joining KP∞Unity is a great way to start your journey to designing a life enriched with health, wealth and harmony. 

Most members benefit from our available resources, training program, in-depth discussions, mentoring and guidance, as we explore current personal circumstances and design a life that enhances personal prosperity, and physical and emotional wellbeing.

KP∞Unity promotes and offers a range of low-tox approaches, holistic well-living and mindset coaching, besides other holistic health practices, where Zinzino, dōTERRA, Feng Shui, Low-Tox lifestyles and the Human Design Systems play an important part in. When you sign up through either Zinzino or dōTERRA using my Enroller ID, you automatically receive a personal email from me which includes our step-by-step starter pack and instant free access to the KP∞Unity Members Area. 

If you are not yet a part of Team KP Unity but curious how this could benefit you, please check out our Join KP-Unity section . You can also sign up to our free explorer membership which will give you a small insight into the benefits our growing team enjoy.

Of course you can always send us an email with your questions via our Contact Form to receive more personal information.

  • – My personal support, inspiration and mentorship, which will be tailored to your strengths, and specific needs.
  • – You will instantly receive our Starter Resources Pack which will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to proceed so that you can launch and develop well.
  • – Free access to KP∞Unity´s signature personal and professional development program to support your success journey.

By becoming a member we will support your personal journey to health, wealth and harmony. Having enhancing and healthy relationships is really important to us. KP∞Unity use the Human Design System, The Path of No Way approach, and other personalized coaching methods. This includes a personality strengths analysis which identifies and integrates your unique potentials/talents/skills. Additionally you will receive tailored resources for your progress, as well as have regular check-in opportunities to discuss ideas, concerns and needs.  

You will have the opportunities to participate in our small-group mindfulness masterclasses which are supported by experts in the field of Multi-Integrative Kinesiology Activity (MIKA), Body Work, Trauma HealingMind-set Coaching and HypnoFocusing®.  

  • Free World Class training opportunities provided by leading experts. 

In joining our growing team at KP∞Unity through Zinzino, and/or dōTERRA, you will be able to receive personal mentorship and support by leading experts within the field of Multi-Level Marketing, Science and Health Promotion. 

If you require a little more time to explore how living in health, wealth and harmony with KP-Unity could work for you,  consider getting a FREE MEMBERSHIP valid for 5 days. 

If you are part of Team KP∞Unity, please log in to access your exclusive content below. 

If you have enrolled but have difficulty logging in please contact us in person. 

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