The Human Design System by Ra

Following Your Strategy To Success!

Have you ever reflected on who you are as a person, how you feel and why you present yourself in the way you do? Imagine you were given a personalized “User Manual” for your life. How would you incorporate such knowledge, and how would this knowledge affect your presence and natural being? How would such knowledge support you to living in Health, Wealth and Harmony, and determine your professional career and/or business concepts? Would you explore and embrace your unique potential and gift?

Human Design System

The Human Design System is a highly sophisticated framework and tool for navigating life, which is why we are only providing a brief introduction below. In essence it can be overwhelming at first. However, on further exploration many of our personal traits, skills, preferences, dislikes or discomforts become clear, and once understood these can be gently untangled, supported and strengthened.

The compilation of the system was initiated and refined by Alan (Robert) Krakower ALIAS Ra Uru Hu from 1989 onward. Ra explored and wrote the Rave I’Ching which remains one of the principle fundamentals upon which Human Design rests and which is the main key to unlocking the energetic codes within genetics. The origins of the Human Design System rest within ancient Chinese Astrology and the Philosophy of Taoism where such divination tools have been used for over three thousand years.

Within the Human Design System there are Five Personality Types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector. All have unique gifts and talents as well as pre-defined energy traits. Depending on your personality type, you will have a unique way of implementing action, building and maintaining relationships, guiding and supporting people, developing strategies and mastering life´s challenges.

Unlocking Your Potential

Learning how to operate in alignment with your individual strengths, talents and needs allows you to make personalized choices that are correct for you. On increasing your awareness and making informed decisions and choices you empower yourself which will lead to improved health and well-being, better relationships, and fulfilment in your professional life. This lessens, or even eliminates, the fears, anxieties, depressions and stresses that are part of everyday life.

KP∞Unity has been using the Human Design System now for many years on a personal and professional level. It is an amazing tool to navigate life more harmonically and requires ongoing presence, observation and exploration of the “SELF” to achieve full potential, prosperity, health, wealth and harmony. 

We Will Support You

When booking a personal Feng Shui or Living Low-Tox appointment we will incorporate this knowledge naturally into your personalized consultation. When choosing to join our team you will benefit greatly from this knowledge, as we are fully committed to supporting your personal and professional growth to living in Health, Wealth and Harmony.

Creating or accessing your personal Human Design Birth Chart

Below you can find and explore free to use Human Design Birth Chart tools. You can create your own via the link or if you prefer, you can get directly in touch with us and we will guide you through the process. We are more than happy to create it for you. Either way you choose, both options will be free (NO COST at all to you). 


My Body Graph

My Body Graph is free, simple and easy to use, which works excellent on mobile devices. It is not as comprehensive though as Genetic Matrix.   

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Jovian Archive

Jovian Archive

Jovian Archive is a great free Human Design Chart tool. This will provide you with the basic chart information to get you going. 

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Genetic Matrix

We can confidently recommend this Free Human Design Chart application. However it is a little more comprehensive than the Jovian System.

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