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After years of accepting infrequent requests from friends to take care of their home and pets whilst they were away, I started to provide professional house and pet sitting within the Darwin community in August 2016. Since then I have taken care of over a hundred properties and retained many valuable clients. 

My overall experience has been pretty fascinating and exceptionally good. I have been able to explore our beloved stunning Darwin from top to bottom, live in some exquisite mansions and grand designs, enjoy taking care of amazing and often hilarious pets, and importantly, getting to know and building relationships with many amazing and kind hearted people over the years.

Often forgotten though are the endless hours of organising my schedule with people, regular meet and greets, travel time, hours of packing, unpacking and cleaning, grappling with unfamiliar electrical items and other quirks and features of the house and/or its pets. Not to mention frequent unexpected surprises, last minute cancellations or changes to travel schedules, maintenance, or request to go above and beyond.

What is involved when you book me?

Accepting me as your house and pet sitter whilst you are on your leisure or business trip will provide you with a peace of mind and sense of security for your home and furry family. I believe many of you will have specific questions and I am more than happy to answer all of these in our initial meet and greet.

Because every house sit is a unique experience, I therefore would like to share some technical insights with you. Whilst looking after a home and pets might sound easy, it is however similar to running a business and a live-in pet care job. As I maintain a high professional standard, please consider that there are many other inconspicuous elements that will take up time and resources, as well as produce inconveniences. 

Kess Pet and House Sitting Service
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Klo Pike
Klo Pike
Thank you Kerstin for looking after our house and our beloved pets while we were away. After 3 weeks on the road it was... an amazing feeling to walk into a clean and spotless house. We were also greeted by two very happy and healthy animals. I highly recommend the service you provide and look forward to booking you again in the future.read more
Bryney Rollinson
Bryney Rollinson
Kess did an absolutely amazing job looking after my unit and staffy for 3 months while I was away. I came home to a... very happy, healthy pup and a sparkling clean house - would recommend her 100%!read more
Rachel Bugge
Rachel Bugge
Kess looked after our place and our 2 big mastiffs whilst we were on holidays for 7 weeks. We met Kess and new she... would be great to look after our dogs whilst away. Would recommend her I know she would have given the love and affection they needed and good to come home to a clean house 😃read more
Heidi Allan
Heidi Allan
I would highly recommend Kess as a house sitter. She did a fantastic job looking after our house, two large dogs and... chickens. The dogs were so happy whilst we were away she took them both for walks (no easy feat by yourself) and made sure they were happy providing us updates on the house and dogs. Kess takes the time to come and meet you and also takes comprehensive instructions on how to look after your house and pets. The house was super clean when we returned as well.read more
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee
Kess looked after our house and two dogs for two weeks. Came home to a lovely clean house and two very happy dogs.... Would definitely recommend Kess.read more

Here you will find a summary of the average time required for a one-week house sitting appointment. 

House sitter tasks and undertakings

We all enjoy living in a home that nurtures our health, wealth and harmony, which is why we make our personal home and space comfortable and practical to our needs. As I am a guest at your house I accept that I might not be able to embrace and enjoy all the comforts that are important to my personal wellbeing.

Moving from house to house means having to adjust to sleeping in different beds regularly. Some bedrooms have no curtains, blinds, air-con, functional windows. Some properties live in active neighbourhoods or on busy streets. In some cases pets are uncomfortable and active at night due to external disturbances.  All of these aspects can affect personal sleep and Sleep Hygiene.

Other inconveniences might be not having all the kitchen utilities or spices when cooking, cleaning products and deterrents are missing, or cheeky pets helping themselves to my belongings which then sometimes need replacing.

Something that I disapprove of are unexpected guests with keys who let themselves in without prior notice, and properties that cannot be fully secured.

Below you will find a summary of current average fees and charges when choosing a conventional service.

An appreciation in kind is always welcome, especially when you consider the fees and charges for conventional services, as well as that without a house sitter your home will be less secure. 

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